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Welcome to the NERV Database. Here you can find information on Nerv, the Angels, and the EVAs.


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In the year 2000 a giant meteor crashed in the middle of the Antarctic. This was known as the Second Impact. (The meteor that killed the dinosaurs was the First Impact.) A strange being was found, which was called ADAM. The race of these beings was called
Angels by the humans. ADAM detonated soon after humans found it, in the year 2000, and it destroyed Antarctica, causing the ice cap of Antarctica to melt. The newly melted water flooded almost the entire planet. Half of the population of humans on Earth was wiped out. Then the Angels left Earth for 15 years. During those 15 years the United Nations formed a top secret project called "NERV," which was created to protect mankind.
NERV is superiorly controlled by an organisation called Seele, but it is headed by a man named Ikari Gendo. Gendo is a scientist who was on the first expedition to the Antarctic just before Second Impact. NERV has developed weapons to fight the Angels, called EVAs. The mission of NERV is to protect mankind from the Angels.
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EVA is short for Evangelion Unit. Evas are the supreme weapon ever created by man. They are used to battle the Angels. The Evas have to be piloted by 15-year-olds, those born nine months after the Second Impact. The Pilots must practice with their Eva to improve their sync ratio. The sync ratio is their ability to synchronise with the Eva, which is basically their ability to control the Eva Unit. Yet, are the pilots really able to control their Eva?
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The Angels are trying to destroy the human race. They are very powerful, and only the Evangelions have the ability to defeat them. The Angels have very strong AT-FIELDS that are almost completely impenatrable.
The first Angel was at the site of the Second Impact. Its name is ADAM. It was the one that caused the explosion, Second Impact.
There are supposed to be 15 Angels after the first, and after that, be all. It is also believed that if man comes into contact with ADAM then mankind will be destroyed.
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The Pilots are 15-year-olds who pilot the Eva Units. They are chosen by Seele based on their abilities, and those selected are 15 years of age and most likely able to synchronise with the Evas. The Pilots must train to synchronise with their Evas in order to control them and thus participate in battle. A common factor of all Eva pilots are their emotional difficulties and instability.
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